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spazi nido del falcone

One of the common themes that unites Nidodelfalcone‘s houses, COLONICA and VECCHIA POSTA, is the way in which they have been restored. Renovated a decade ago by the same expert hands, they were rebuilt using techniques and approaches rooted in antique traditions, and using strictly natural materials. These include lime, bricks, stone and wood, some of which were recovered from the buildings themselves, as well as natural oils, balms and wax. They are also furnished with a combination of unique and antique wooden furniture recovered and restored by the owners.

Close to the Vecchia Posta’s well is a large and inviting pool that, given its position in the courtyard, is reminiscent of an ancient place where the farm’s women would have washed clothes. Sterilised naturally using ozone, this is an ideal place for a refreshing dip after a walk or an excursion on horseback or bicycle or indeed after working in the fields. The houses are surrounded by fragrant gardens and vegetable patches, and in the distance, guests can see Monte Cetona, the highlands of Città della Pieve and the charming litte town of Monteleone d’Orvieto.

A holiday at Nidodelfalcone is BONSENSO at its best, not least for the exceptional breakfasts and dinners that are prepared for guests in the Osteria on the Vecchia Posta’s ground floor. On request and depending on guests’ curiosity, we are delighted to explain our dishes: delicious, simple country cooking that can be enjoyed in a charming courtyard by the light of the stars and candles.

Not far from the houses we hold monthly meetings in the stables with the aim of rediscovering a forgotten equestrian culture, and re-establishing a rapport with horses through an ages-old language that is at the heart of classical horsemanship.