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Deep respect of nature in all its forms and a connection with the land and its farmers drive Nidodelfalcone’s selection of the best and most authentic seasonal organic foods for its kitchen, many of which come from its own gardens, or from local farms whose philosophy mirrors that of Nidodelfalcone.

These local ingredients are cooked, prepared and presented with a passion for all that inspires the senses. Delicious, healthy and natural, our menus combine memorable tastes and textures with beautiful, harmonious presentation and attention to detail. With an emphasis on vegetables, herbs and fruit together with pasta, pizza and home-made bread, our meals are balanced and expressly designed to be light and easy on the digestion. We also serve wild-raised foul, and free-range beef fed on first-cut hay and grass, as well as fresh fish and seafood dishes.

Our Tuscan-made wines are specially selected for their excellent quality and reasonable costs, making them the ideal accompaniment to our dishes. Guests can order our wines or bring their own as preferred.

Good company is one of life’s great pleasures and is an essential ingredient for the enjoyment of wonderful food. Nidodelfalcone’s big garden table is the perfect place for guests to enjoy meeting each other and their hosts over a delicious meal, and to find out about Nidodelfalcone, and its owners’ ideas, philosophy and ongoing research on good food and diet.

Our menus


Freshly prepared sweet menu • € 7.00
Freshly prepared sweet and savoury menu • € 10.00
Children under 10 • € 5.00 / € 7.00

Choice of fresh raw ingredients • € 12.00
Choice of fresh raw ingredients plus dessert • € 16.00
Children under 10 • € 8.00 / 12.00

4 courses • € 25.00
5 courses • € 30.00
Children under 10 • € 8.00 / 12.00


Per price list

A’ la carte
Antipasto • € 5.00 / 9.00
Pasta, rice, soup • € 6.00 / 8.00
Vegetarian dish • € 5.00 / 9.00
Meat or fish dish • € 12.00 / 16.00
Dessert • € 5.00 / 9.00


Smaller portions, commensurate with the reduced prices, are served to children under 10.
On advance request, meals can be prepared according to special dietary needs, allergies or  intolerances.