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Olive Oil Production

Autumn is the busiest time of the year for olive farmers – and for olive oil tasting! Our olives are hand-picked and cold pressed using traditional processes, creating a flavoursome, sweet extra virgin oil of the very highest quality, one that, as early as 2001 was already winning Italian and international awards, and that has improved year on year since then.

We select our Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio, Dolce Agogia and Pendolino olives for size, then carefully blend them, creating a top quality, sweet tasting oil that goes perfectly with vegetables, rice, cheese, white meat and fish. And in line with Paola Carraro’s desire that Nidodelfalcone truely embody the dream it represents, we cultivate, fertilise, treat and harvest our olives using methods that are strictly in line with organic principles. We have always integrated our older trees with younger plants, and shortly after they have been picked, we press our olives in the local oil mill in Monteleone d’Orvieto, bottling the oil immediately. The result is a wonderfully flavoursome, fragrant oil that maintains its many qualities over time.


  • Our limited edition ICEA-certified oil is available for tasting and purchase at Nidodelfalcone. Each 0.5l bottle is labelled, boxed and sealed with a special Nidodelfalcone bookmark and notes on the oil and its production.